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More and more UAVs appear in our lives, and they will play an important role in our lives.

Fixed wing UAVs and multi-rotor VTOL UAVs are taking the dominant position in the surveying&mapping market by exerting a subtle influence both in professional industry and personal business.

UAV aerial photography system is widely used in the national basic surveying and mapping, digital city construction, territorial resources research, geological environment reconnaissance, disaster emergency relief etc, and is a powerful supplement to the traditional aerial photography.

Maximum Take-Off Weight:16kg / No load Take-off Weight:8.2kg(exclude batteries, payload)
Actual Load:7.8kg(including batteries)
Wing Span:3.5m / Fuselage Length:1.61m / Wing Area:70dm²
Maximum Flight Duration:2h(full payload)
Maximum Speed:120km/h / Crusing Speed:86km/h
Maximum Coverage:20km²
Maximum Communication Distance:20km
Take-off / Landing:VTOL
Wind Resistance:6 grade
Sensors:can load various sensors, i.e. A7R, RX1R2, SLR and etc.

Surveying&mapping UAVs have advantages of flexible, rapid response in aerial surveying&mapping. It is an important means of aerial data acquisition, which can fill in gaps of small area and large scale photogrammetry.

Surveying&mapping UAVs have powerful comprehensive application, can quickly capture data to generate DOM/DEM/DSM/3D model of high resolution digital image, can also obtain required data quickly to model.

Compared with traditional surveying&mapping, UAVs have improved work effenciency and solved survey security by manpower in dangerous areas, compared with satellite and traditional suverying&mapping, UAVs can achieve high accuracy and fast suverying&mapping in a short time.



China star commits to developing industry-leading, high-grade, precision and advanced products, meanwhile introduces advanced foreign technology and services. We have a dream to benefit every surveying&mapping person by our products.

China star commits to independent R&D, with the most favorable prices and highest quality of products to provide customers with industry application solutions, and has a perfect after-sales service system to provide best service for customers.

China star always hold the enterprise purpose"serve with credibility and integrity, high quality returns, constantly surpass", adhere to the enterprise style"diligence, pragmatic, rigorous, efficient" , carefully create a first-class modern enterprise.



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